Find Out the Condition of Your Home's Stucco

Find Out the Condition of Your Home's Stucco

EIFS inspections in Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins, CO & surrounding areas

When you want to make sure your stucco is protecting your property’s exterior how it should be, turn to Homeland Inspection Services for a stucco inspection. We’ll look for past and present water migration using visual, electronic and scientific methods.

Once we complete your EIFS inspection, we’ll give you a detailed report in person or by email.
Schedule a stucco inspection with Homeland Inspection Services in Windsor, Loveland or Fort Collins, CO as soon as possible.


Count on a competent home inspector to check your stucco


If you’ve been searching for a reliable inspection company, look no further than Homeland Inspection Services.
We’ve been inspecting homes in the Fort Collins, CO area since 2004. Call Homeland Inspection Services at 970-567-7393 to schedule an appointment. We offer free consultations after your inspection. We also offer radon, one-year warranty and whole-home inspections.